The Issues

There are a myriad of things in our country that each and every one of us are concerned about. From how much you are paying in taxes, to the quality of education, to a range of social issues facing us today. We need someone who will stand up and fight for the rights of society not just the wealthy and privileged.

Please take a moment to read where I stand on each of the issues that matter the most to you. Since I sincerely believe that the voice of the people should be listened to, I also invite you to Reach Out and leave your opinions here.

Social Equality

Our country is a country that was founded on the idea that everyone is equal. Many of us also have closely held beliefs that sometimes are at odds with others ideals. While I greatly respect that everyone has the right to their own beliefs and ideas, we cannot take away the rights of people whom we disagree with. I will vote down any legislation that hampers the rights of any citizen. I stand behind the rights of everyone equally just as the constitution was written. I believe, above all else, that everyone was created equally and I will fight for that belief every day. (Read More…)


Our country is falling behind the rest of the world at an alarming rate. While our higher education system is still one of the best in the world, our basic education system is plagued with strapped budgets, teachers who are underpaid and overstressed, and crumbling schools. Our children are our future, and we need to do everything we can to ensure they have an education that puts them in competition with the rest of the world. I understand that every person can’t, or doesn’t wish to go to college. For those people, we need to embrace technical and trade schools. I will continually look for ways to fund our public education system and grow our workforce training programs. We need to stay competitive in the world. Better education and training will do just that. (Read More…)


While the Affordable Care Act is still controversial, it is clear that it is helping millions of people get insurance that they would not have been able to afford before. But the system is still broken. Drug costs are still growing at a far higher rate than ever before, private insurance costs are still rising, and it’s not the fault of the ACA. It boils down to shear greed. We need to stand up and fight insurance companies and give people a real alternative to private insurance. We have to fight to keep malpractice suits realistic so doctors don’t have to carry such high premiums to protect themselves. We need to fight the drug companies and make drug costs in the country more affordable. Many drug companies spend more per year on advertising than on research and development. When elected, I will introduce legislation that will ban TV and Radio ads featuring prescription drugs. Our doctors should be deciding what is best for us, not the drug companies. (Read More…)


I hate taxes as much as the next person, but let’s be honest. We like roads and bridges that are safe. We value the security that our police, fire, ems and our military provide us. We feel safe knowing that if we are unfairly terminated from our job that someone will stand up and help us back onto our feet. All of these services and more require money. You and I pay our fair share of taxes, and should not bear a heavier burden while the wealthy get tax breaks and corporations evade paying at all in some cases. I will work with other members of the house to ensure that we do what we can to avoid raising taxes on people or small businesses making less than $250,000/yr. I will fight to close loopholes that let millionaires pay less in taxes than someone making $50,000/yr. It’s not fair to you and me, and not fair to our country. (Read More…)


Global warming is real, and we cannot deny that we are causing it. The evidence is everywhere and it is in plain sight to see the changes that are happening to our world. It’s not a national security threat, it’s a global one. We need to embrace renewable energies that are clean and safe for our environment. While the transition cannot happen overnight, we can no longer delay action. Sea levels are rising along with temperatures across the globe. Our weather patterns are shifting and coastal cities are getting worried. We cannot continue to deny what is clearly obvious to 97% of climate scientists. (Read More…)

Wall Street

Our financial system is rigged. It’s not broken if you look at it from the perspective of the wealthy and privileged , it works great for them. But the vast majority of the country is punished by predatory lending and policies that protect the people with money, not the everyday citizen. I understand that banks are businesses and make money by charging interest, but no longer can we continue letting the banks and wall street rob us blind. We cannot eliminate banking regulation. We need realistic regulations that protect America from the idea of too big to fail. (Read More…)


There are around 11 million illegal immigrants in the country today. We cannot just round them up and send them back. The majority of them have jobs and provide services that most Americans don’t want to do. I get that we have been told to be scared of the criminal immigrants, but the vast majority of them are peaceful and productive. For those that contribute to society, we need to make it easier to become a citizen and to pay taxes to continue to use the services that they are here for. While many are not paying income taxes, they still spend money in our country which contributes to local sales taxes and provide additional income to businesses across America. Our country was founded by immigrants, we cannot turn out backs on our history. (Read More…)

Term Limits

After I’m elected, I hope to work with those in the House and Senate to create an amendment to introduce term limits on Congress. While having multiple terms consecutively allows those in Congress to craft complex legislation, our society changes constantly and we need politicians who represent our current needs. I will work with other legislators to find an acceptable number of terms to allow lawmakers the time they need to create bills, but ensure that we as a country have fresh views and ideas. (Read More…)


Obviously this is only a fraction of the concerns that each and every citizen of this country has. If you have a concern that you feel should be discussed on this page for everyone to read, please visit the Reach Out page to let me know. I will be sure to follow up with you within 48hrs.

Thank you,
Shawn Rundblade
for the 5th Congressional District in Wisconsin 2018