Our Independence

Today we are celebrating our indepdence as our own country. We are celebrating the freedoms that we were promised by our founding fathers. Our county fought for it’s freedom to have a government that is seperate from religion, we fought to ensure that we all had basic inalienable rights like the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Those that created the framework to our country wanted to escape the religious persecution in England. 

Our history is riddled with battles to ensure the freedom of everyone. We stood up for the slaves during the civil war because we knew it was wrong to “own people”. During WWI and WWII, we helped the world fight against oppression and genocide. During the civil rights movement, we once again fought to ensure equal rights for all. Today, we are fighting for a new form of independence. We need to stand up against corporations that, in some fashion, own our government. We need to fight once again for the good of the country, and the rights of the people. We need to fight against the greed of those who value money over the rights and wellbeing of our country. 

My goal during this election, is not to fight for power of my own. I am not interested in money or power. I am however interested in ensuring that through my time in office, I can give you the people the power that you were promised. It is clear that our representatives no longer represent the people. They represent corporations and special interests. They represent their biggest campaign donors, which unless you are a millionaire, most likely is not you. My campaign will represent the people because I refuse to take money from corporation. Money is not speech, and big money has no business in politics. I firmly believe that we the people should have the biggest voice. 

I am calling for all of you, regardless of your political affiliation, to take a stand against the corporate tyranny that we are facing today. I ask you to support my campaign so I can be a voice for you in congress. I know that right now we are divided, but we need to rise above our differences and come together around our common goals. We as a country have fought repreatedly for our freedom, and today we need to stand again and fight. This time it will not be with guns or weapons, it will be with our votes and our words. The only way we can win is to put aside our disagreements. We have been divided before, and we have come together. It is time once again, to stand united for the common good.

Happy Fourth of July everyone!

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