It is becoming increasingly clear, that impeachment proceedings need to be started against Donald Trump. It is also very clear that Rep. Sensenbrenner has no intention on helping to start those proceedings. I can assure you that if I win in 2018, and impeachment proceedings have not yet begun, I will work with as many in the House as I can to start them immediately.

Let me make that clear, if you elect me in 2018, I will do everything I can to start impeachment proceedings against current President Donald Trump if they have not already been started. Continue reading

Who’s the Boss?

I think that there is a fair amount of confusion in congress, as well as many other elected officials, as to who their boss is. It seems that many of them, including my opponent in 2018, seems to believe that it’s the party chair, or maybe the Speaker of the House in the case of the House of Representatives. Let me share who I firmly believe the boss is: You. Continue reading

A Change to My Campaign

Good afternoon everyone,

I would like to share some exciting news with you this afternoon. While it does not change my beliefs, it does change the dynamic of my campaign. I have amended my filing to now be running as a Democrat instead of an Independent. While my beliefs and goals have not changed, after discussing the prospects of running as an independent with my campaign manager it was determined that in order to have the best chance at winning the election, I need the support of a party. Continue reading

HR861 – Terminate the EPA

On February 3rd, Rep. Matthew Gaetz (R-FL) introduced a bill to terminate the EPA. In case you are not much on the acronym game, that’s the Environmental Protection Agency; and it’s kind of important. While the text of the bill is currently not available due to it just being introduced, I can assure you whatever it says is not going to be good. Continue reading

Reason for Running No. 4 – Immigration

Today it’s estimated that there are about 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States. For years the idea of immigration reform has been floated around with little progress. Our country was founded by immigrants, and turning our backs on those coming to our country to make a better life for themselves is turning our backs on our heritage. Continue reading

Reason for Running No. 3 – Healthcare



The average resident in the area I will represent when elected makes about $76,000/yr. Above is a chart showing CEO pay for several insurance companies from 2014. At the top is Cigna CEO David Cordani, racking in over $17mil/yr. That figures out to about $327,000 a month which is over 4x what the average resident in my district makes in a year. I decided to put the median income of the average person on the chart above, it barely shows up even compared to the lowest of the group. Continue reading

Reason for Running No. 2 – Your Rights

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Our Declaration of Independence, and of course the United States Constitution are pretty clear. Everyone is created equally, and all the rights set forth in our founding documents apply to every single man, woman, and child in this country. I strongly believe in this ideal, and I will fight alongside any person who also stands up for those being left out.

When I’m elected, I will stand with any person who legitimately is having their rights taken away or threatened. It doesn’t matter what color your skin in, what religion you practice, or even if I agree with your position. We are all guaranteed rights by the constitution, and as a potential future congressman, I promise to you that I will uphold our constitutional rights for everyone to the best of my ability.

If we start down the path of withholding basic rights because we disagree, the jump across the line to taking away your rights isn’t far away. I don’t have to agree with someone to take their side as long as the reason is just.

During my term when elected, I will:

  • Vote No on any legislation that takes away basic rights – so long as doing so does not take away the rights or safety of another person
  • Vote Yes to ensure that our rights are protected for everyone regardless of my personal beliefs
  • Work with others in the U.S. House to safeguard our rights for everyone equally.
  • Openly listen to the people in my district to ensure their rights are not being infringed.

I know that talking about our rights is a tough conversation to have. I will do everything I can to understand opposing views. It’s my job as congressman. If you want to voice your concerns, or ask questions about where I stand on a particular issue, please visit my Reach Out page. I cannot stress how important I feel it is to listen and understand the people.

Thank you,
Shawn Rundblade

Reason for Running No. 1 – My Daughter

Many people have asked me why I have decided to run for a public office. I’ve been giving it a lot of though myself as to the real reason. I could say that it’s a fear of the future of our country under the leadership coming after the last election. It could be the desire to serve the public and help make a difference in our society. I could also use the standard line that “I don’t like how things are going in our country.” All of these statements are true, but when I really think about it, none of them are the real reason.

I’m running for Congress for my daughter. Now, she didn’t ask me to, she’s five and has no idea what the Congress does. Though I plan on teaching her. I am running to make sure she has a future. I want her to have every opportunity that she wants to pursue. I want to be sure that she has the best education she can get, and I don’t mean going to the best college. I want to ensure that her basic education in K-12 is the best in the world. I want to ensure that no matter what she chooses to do in life, that there are job opportunities for her as long as she works hard for them. I want to be sure that our country is safe, so she never has to worry about war. Of course I want to be sure our planet is taken care of so she can see the wonders of the world.

Those are some of the reasons I’m running. I think that everyone wants the same for their child too. When I’m elected, I will do everything I can to be sure that our children are taken care of. Our children are going to inherit our country and world no matter what state we leave it in. Our job should be to ensure that we leave it better than we found it.

My goals as Congressman are simple:

  • Make sure our education system is the best in the world. We have a failing school system and it needs repair.
  • Combat climate change to ensure our world is safe to live in as long as we humans are here.
  • Find ways to maintain a strong economy in a shifting economic environment.
  • Fight to ensure that no matter who you are, you have the same opportunity as everyone else as long as you are willing to work for it.

I know that it’s cliché, but our children really are our future. I know that as a parent I want the best for my daughter, and fighting for her is fighting for your children. Education is going to be an incredibly important focus for me while in office. I want your opinions on what we can do to fix our education system. Please visit my Education Input page to share your ideas.

Thank you,
Shawn Rundblade

My Campaign Plans for 2017 – Getting to know each other

Shawn for Congress

Welcome to 2017 everyone. Happy New Year!

Campaign Plans 2017 – While 2017 isn’t technically a campaign year, I feel the need as a newcomer to work on getting my name out. I want to learn as much as I can about the people in the district I am running for.

As part of my campaign plans, during the next few months I will be posting reasons why I am running for congress. If you have not been following along with the campaign, I am running for the 5th Congressional district in Wisconsin for the US House of Representatives. One of the things I feel is most important about running for, and becoming a congressman, is ensuring that I am listening to my constituents. To do this, I am going to spend the month listing what and where I stand on several issues. I encourage you to not just read the posts, but comment as well. The only way to understand each other is to have an open and civil discussion.

I don’t expect you to agree with every thing I say, nor will I agree with everything you say. However, I can assure you though, I will always respect your right to say it. I want to find a common ground on as many topics as I can with all of you. When I am elected, I will continue this practice and ensure that my voting record matches where we come together. I greatly value our differences because I truly believe that those differences are what makes this country amazing. We just need to find a way to reach an accord that provides the best solution for the majority of the country.

We have become divided. I know alone I cannot fix that. The only thing I can do is listen to understand and vote accordingly. Please check back daily during this month and be sure to comment. Communication from you is greatly valued and I truly want to hear it.

Thank you,