It is becoming increasingly clear, that impeachment proceedings need to be started against Donald Trump. It is also very clear that Rep. Sensenbrenner has no intention on helping to start those proceedings. I can assure you that if I win in 2018, and impeachment proceedings have not yet begun, I will work with as many in the House as I can to start them immediately.

Let me make that clear, if you elect me in 2018, I will do everything I can to start impeachment proceedings against current President Donald Trump if they have not already been started.

So, how exactly does impeaching someone work? Here in America it’s a two step process. The first portion (which is where the seat I am running for comes in) is where the U.S. House of Representatives write and pass “articles of impeachment” stating what laws the person has broken. Essentially the House is filing charges, in this case against the President. Once a simple majority votes to support this indictment, the proceedings then move onto the Senate where the “trial” occurs.

Just being impeached does not mean you are automatically removed from office. Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson were impeached, but remained president and then acquitted; while Richard Nixon resigned before proceedings could start. If the Senate votes, by a 2/3 majority to convict, the President will be removed from office. This has never happened in the United States.

Impeachment is a big deal, and should not be taken lightly. In this case, it is clear that our current President is not fit to for office, and constitutes a clear threat to our society. Here are the current list of reasons why in my opinion:

  • Shared classified information with a foreign official
  • Firing of Comey ( depends on real reason)
  • Abuse of power
  • Has made monetary gains using the office as a conduit. (i.e. Mar-A-Lago)

There are more I am sure, this is just a short list. Let’s be honest though, isn’t the first reason listed reason enough? Sharing classified information with a foreign official while prohibiting the U.S. media but allowing the government who he is sharing the information with to be present is treason. For me, that’s enough of a reason to start proceedings immediately.

Help me win against Rep. Sensebrenner in 2018. Help elect someone who will listen to your voice and vote in congress accordingly. Help to elect¬†someone who represents the average American not just millionaires and corporations. A small donation today will go a long way to helping this campaign. I’m running against an entrenched millionaire, I need your help now. If you would rather volunteer, there are several positions needing to be filled.

Thank you,

Shawn Rundblade

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